NMS Salvaged Frigate Module Guide: Best Way to Farm in 2022 (2023)

There is no perfect way to farm Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man’s Sky. These suckers are just unabashedly one of the game’s biggest pains to acquire. Yet they’re more valuable than ever after the Endurance Update overhauled freighters altogether. Despite the name, every Salvaged Frigate Module is used to upgrade your capital ship — not frigates themselves. And you need quite a few to complete a full set of upgrades. So, while we have you, let’s look at thebest way to farm NMS Salvaged Frigate modules in 2022!

Let’s break things down one method at a time. To start, we can talk about theprevious best method: piracy.

Freighter Piracy: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

If you haven’t played NMS in a while, and still remember this as the number one method to guarantee a Salvaged Frigate Module drop, it was unfortunately nerfed several months back. The drop chance is now exceptionally low when attacking NPC freighters. Whether that’s in normal (a.k.a. regulated) systems or in outlaw systems. Though you can still get lucky from time to time. Not to mention, by committing piracy, you will receive a ton of other rewards in the process.

Finding freighters is as easy as can be. Just fly around in space. Freighters typically appear right next to space stations. Though they can be found pretty much everywhere in populated systems — normal and outlaw style. If you don’t see one, try boosting forward for a few seconds. One will very likely spawn in next to you. If that doesn’t work, run your Pulse Engine for a few seconds and try again.

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Once you do see a freighter, simply shoot its exposed cargo pods. They’re all labeled and have circular health bars just like minerals and/or Sentinel loot canisters. Speaking of Sentinels: attacking a freighter will draw space cops to you. Get ready for a fight!

In addition, this sort of piracy will lower your standing with the dominant faction in whichever star system you picked the fight. Those fences are easy to mend, though. Worry more about your shields and weapons and not dying. You don’t want to lose the loot you’re about to scoop up from the damaged freighter. Especially not if one drops a Salvaged Frigate Module.

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That being said: the odds of getting a module are pretty low. Much, much lower than they used to be. However, every cargo pod has at least a tiny percentage chance of dropping one. This makes piracy pretty efficient even today, in the sense that you get lots of chances in a very short window. If your starship can handle the heat.

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Station Missions: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

Missions acquired at any space station can provide Salvaged Frigate Modules as a reward. Just don’t hold your breath. The drop rate is, once again, exceedingly low.

However, there are a few advantages to this method. One is that the drop rate for these missions isn’t really a drop rate at all. The rewards you get from each bounty are guaranteed and visible when you select them. By “drop rate” in this case really just means “are any of the bounties actually giving you what you want?” Oftentimes the answer is no. Which means waiting for new missions to refresh or traveling to a new system to get a new batch.

Another advantage is that you can hold multiple of these missions at the same time. This means you can grab a whole bundle, run out and complete the objectives, and come back to claim a bunch of rewards at once. Any many cases you might be able to complete these missions while doing something else anyway. So whyshouldn’t you check with the mission agent?

You can find said NPC on every standard space station. Some of their missionswill require you to rank up with the system’s dominant faction. Luckily, these missions also award standing anyway, so you can’t really lose!

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Nexus Missions: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

Nexus missions function pretty much exactly the same as station ones. The main differences are that Nexus missions are multiplayer affairs (except you can easily complete them solo) and can only be accepted one at a time.

To find your Nexus missions, just head to the Space Anomaly. That’s the NMS multiplayer hub. The Nexus is the huge, robotic eye machine caged in a cube at the very center of the starting area. You can’t miss it. “Speak” to it to see its list of currently available missions. Specifically, you want to look at the top row of quests. These award the rare currency called Quicksilver (which you need to acquire a Living Ship). Besides that, however, each of these quests will awardsome sort of random item.

This can be a wide variety of things. The exact reward — and the objective of your mission — rotates out every 10 minutes or so. Just like station missions. So, you can theoretically hang out on the Space Anomaly and just check the Nexus every few minutes to see if the top row of quests is giving out a Salvaged Frigate Module. Eventually you should get lucky. And, just like station missions, the reward is a preset guarantee at the start.

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Outlaw Missions: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

Last but not least on the bounty board are outlaw missions. These are basically a fusion of “normal” station quests and Nexus ones. You can only accept them one at a time. However, you pick them up from outlaw stations in outlaw systems.

To find such systems, you can just explore at random.Or you can equip a Conflict Scanner. This will show you a little skull icon on the Galaxy Map when you hover over any outlaw system. It should also say “pirate controlled” in the description. Another method is to use an Economy Scanner — which will indicate a “black market” in outlaw systems. Either method works!

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Fleet Expeditions: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

This is another good backburner project. Fleet Expeditions are those real-time missions that you send frigates on from your freighter.

Speak to your Navigator: the NPC by the circular, central console on the command bridge of your own freighter. They will provide a list of five missions you can send your frigates to complete. Passively, in the background. You don’t even need to be logged into NMS!

Though you do need a Fleet Command Station first. Construct one using the base building menu aboard your capital ship. After you send a fleet on its mission, you can access the Fleet Expedition rewards from that same Fleet Command Station, once the real-world timer is complete.

Different missions come with different icons: such as a gun or the symbol for Units (the central No Man’s Sky currency). We want the ones with pickaxe symbols. Some of these missions have the “Constructed Technology” subcategory. These expeditions, specifically, will award Salvaged Frigate Modules. The rub is that which frigate quests you get served up by your Navigator are basically random… There’s no guarantee you will receive a Constructed Technology mission at all.

Still! Fleet Expeditions are a great source of other resources and money anyway. Plus, they’re basically free to complete. You might as well run as many as you can.

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Crashed Freighters: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

What’s that? Yet another type of NMS freighter? This is the “crashed” variety. It’s probably just about the worst way to farm Salvaged Frigate Modules. It’s an option, though, so we’re dropping it here for posterity.

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To find a crashed freighter, your best bet is to purchase a Planetary Chart (Emergency Cartographic Data) from the Cartographer on any space station. This NPC is always standing right next to the teleporter— just two stalls down from the mission agent you might have spoken to earlier.

Each chart costs you one Navigation Data. These are fairly easy enough to find. In fact, we have an entire guide to farming Navigation Data in NMS as well.Once you have a chart or three, use them from your inventory. Each one has a chance of leading to a downed freighter. You just need to keep buying charts and keep checking their objective markers until you get lucky. On the bright side, you can only have one type of each objective marker from each type of Planetary Chart.

In other words: use a bunch of the charts back-to-back without going to the markers. You’re guaranteed to get some crashed freighter coordinates eventually that way.

At the freighter site, you can see buried caches all around through your Analysis Visor. These containers will require some sort of common element — like Cobalt — to open. Like inserting a key. Doing so will provide you with some kind of reward in return. This can be a Salvaged Frigate Module in some cases. Though the whole process is so slow, tedious, and involved that you’d just as well not bother. Not unless a future NMS update makes them more lucrative.

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Derelict Freighters: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

Speaking of lucrative: we finally come to thereal best Salvaged Frigate Module farming method. We also already have a whole guide on how to complete Derelict Freighters. So, in this section, we’ll basically just lay out why they’re so good for getting more Salvaged Frigate Modules.

The gist is the same as piracy. The drop rates are low, just like everywhere else, but they’recondensed. The upgrade item has a chance to drop from the blue containers scattered throughout each derelict. Since there are tons of these suckers, all in one place, you have dozens of chances of acquiring what you need very quickly.

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Also like piracy, Derelict Freighters give a lot of other good stuff. Namely Tainted Metal. This is a unique resource only found in this specific environment. You can turn it into some pretty good stuff, too. That’s all before you event factor in the regular loot you get from inside the ghost ship. It’s one win on top of another with these things.

The only downside is cost. Finding a Derelict Freighter in the wildis possible. It’s just not super likely. You can guarantee one by purchasing an Emergency Broadcast Receiver (check the guide). However, these are decently expensive and rise in price depending on how many you purchase. The cost resets every 24 hours, but this will make it more difficult for anyone but the richest players to run derelict after derelict after derelict hunting for Salvaged Frigate Modules.

That’s what we’ve got for now, though! Those are the best No Man’s Sky Salvaged Frigate Module farming methods we’ve discovered. We hope they help you kit out your capital ship quickly and efficiently. Best of luck!


How do you get salvaged frigate modules fast in NMS? ›

Outlaw Missions: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

You can only accept them one at a time. However, you pick them up from outlaw stations in outlaw systems. To find such systems, you can just explore at random. Or you can equip a Conflict Scanner.

How many salvaged frigate modules do I need? ›

As of Endurance up to 78 Salvaged Frigate Modules may be required to unlock all recipes.

Are frigate upgrades worth it? ›

It's really just to help you get the 2*'s above mission rating to avoid taking damage, they don't do anything for the mission rewards themselves that i've observed. Half of them you can craft/buy from a trade terminal on your freighter, so it's not like its a time investment to get them.

What is the rarest ship in NMS? ›

the rarest ship in the game is an S grade Explorer, there arn't any. If that's the case, then the rarest ship is a banana split with a cherry on top because there are none in the game. If a ship is not in the game, it's not rare.

How do I duplicate Salvaged Data in NMS? ›

One method of duplicating Salvaged Data is to put the data into the personal refiner while in the Anomaly. Once the items are transferred, Players should revert to the autosave that occurs after docking on the Anomaly. After reverting, both the player's inventory and the personal refiner will possess Salvaged Data.

How do you get the leviathan frigate in NMS? ›

It is classified in game as an Organic-Type Frigate. Similar to SSV Normandy SR1, it cannot be landed upon. After Leviathan is received in the Expedition save, it can be acquired from Quicksilver Synthesis Companion in any other save.

What do I do with extra salvaged frigate modules? ›

Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky

Now players can use Salvaged Frigate Modules to purchase new aesthetic freighter hallways, windows, doors, exterior catwalks, and platforms for players to view their freighter while in space.

How do you get Salvaged Data modules? ›

You can find Salvaged Data by uncovering the Buried Technology, which is hidden underground on the planets you visit. To find some Buried Technology, turn on your Analysis Visor and scan your surroundings. The icon you're looking for is a downwards pointing arrow, with a wi-fi like symbol on it.

How do you duplicate frigate modules in no man's sky? ›

Derelict freighters will offer them, too.
  1. Place a portable refinery inside your freighter (Haven't tested elsewhere, could work there as well)
  2. Put the item(s) you want to duplicate inside.
  3. Place a second portable refinery "inside" the first one so they clip into each other.
Jul 25, 2022

What is the max amount of Frigates you can have in no mans sky? ›

A player can own up to 30 frigates once they command a freighter. Frigates can then be sent on expeditions to other star systems. The frigate fleet is controlled by the Fleet Command Room, located on the freighter that commands the fleet.

How many crew does a frigate need? ›

The Frigate carries up to 32 Cannons into battle, and can hold a Crew of up to 200 men. With fewer than 16 men available, the Frigate becomes sluggish and difficult to use. With at least 112 men and 32 cannons on board, the Frigate is at its maximum fighting efficiency.

How many Frigates should I have NMS? ›

As with traditional frigates, in order to recruit an organic frigate, the player must have less than 30 frigates of any type in their armada.

How long would it take to discover everything in NMS? ›

Your character wakes up on one planet, but No Man's Sky has 255 entire galaxies' worth of planets to explore, totaling up to more than 18 quintillion worlds. It would take you nearly 585 billion years to see them all.

How many Nanites does Salvaged Data give? ›

A Salvage Data can be refined into 15 Nanite Clusters each as well as used to unlock certain technology, making this an extremely fast and safe way to progress through the early game while gathering a reasonable amount of nanites.

How do you get the salvage data modules in no man's sky? ›

You can find Salvaged Data by uncovering the Buried Technology, which is hidden underground on the planets you visit. To find some Buried Technology, turn on your Analysis Visor and scan your surroundings. The icon you're looking for is a downwards pointing arrow, with a wi-fi like symbol on it.

How do you get a free frigate? ›

You'll need to destroy the attacking fighters, and will then receive a transmission from the captain of the Freighter. He'll invite you aboard. Do so and you can get his Freighter for free.

How do you get a free frigate in NMS? ›

How To Get A Free Freighter
  1. Jump systems until a distress call comes through regarding a freighter under attack. Typically, a freighter battle against pirates will be found after five jumps. ...
  2. Defeat the pirates attacking the freighter. ...
  3. Board the freighter and speak with the captain. ...
  4. Accept or decline the freighter.
Jun 13, 2022

How do you get the salvaged frigate module on NMS Reddit? ›

Ways to get them:
  1. Check missions in space stations and at the Anomaly, Sometimes they're offered as a reward.
  2. Check freighter pods (the ones attached to freighters). While they're quite rare now, they can still spawn as loot.
  3. Check crashed freighters. ...
  4. Run derelict freighters. ...
  5. Send your frigates on missions.
Apr 26, 2022

Can you buy salvage data? ›

Buy Salvaged Technology Data From Merchants

Of course, you can also buy what you're looking for. However, it's very, very rare that shops and traders sell tech data modules.

Can you reuse modules No Mans sky? ›

Modules are one-off purchases. You can dismantle them and gain resources, but not reinstall them like technologies.

Can you trade Salvaged Data NMS? ›

This varies in price, but can sometimes cost over 10 Salvaged Data, so you'll need a few before you can get started buying what you want for your base. You can trade-in your Data at either the Space Anomaly or Construction Research Unit for Blueprints. You can also refine Salvaged Data into Nanites.

What is the most powerful frigate? ›

The Admiral Gorshkov is a class of multi-role frigates that have a strong land attack capability. It is a successor to the Burevestnik class (Western reporting name Krivak class). Currently these new warships is one of the most capable frigates in the world.

Can you get an S Class freighter for free? ›

Players will have to put in a lot of work to find an S-Class Freighter, but it can be done for absolutely free. It just requires an Economy Scanner and a lot of space travel to get one.

How do you get the leviathan in frigate no man's sky? ›

It is classified in game as an Organic-Type Frigate. Similar to SSV Normandy SR1, it cannot be landed upon. After Leviathan is received in the Expedition save, it can be acquired from Quicksilver Synthesis Companion in any other save.


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