how to farm Salvaged Frigate Modules: No Man's Sky Endurance (2023)

Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man’s Sky are a type of valuable resource needed for freighter and frigate upgrades in the game. Now that the Endurance update has been released that brings out more focus on the newly overhauled freighters and frigates, the need for these modules have been on the rise once more.

In this guide, we’ll list down the methods of how to get Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man’s Sky Endurance update as well as ones that can be farmed easily and lucratively.

Salvaged Frigate Module Sources

There are lots of ways to get Salvaged Frigate Modules and most of them, as you’ve guessed, are activities that deal with frigates and freighters. Despite this, a Salvaged Frigate Module is classified as a very valuable commodity that has a very low drop rate.

Depending on the play style, players can choose from these activities and do the ones that they fancy. Below are all the ways that you can get Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man’s Sky Endurance update.

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Frigate Expeditions

Frigate Expeditions are the best sources of Salvaged Frigate Modules when talking about success rate as players will more often than not get these modules in most deployed expeditions. However, there is a catch: these expeditions can last from between 1 hour to more than a day in real time, and the drop rates for the modules only get better the longer the expedition is.

The more frigates that you have in your fleet, the better since you can send multiple fleets to do multiple expeditions at once. Frigates that excel in the Industrial stat are recommended for this as Industrial expeditions give out the most Salvaged Frigate Modules.

Despite this, Frigate Expeditions are still a recommended way to farm for modules since it can run passively in the background as you do the other farming activities.

Farming Salvaged Frigate Modules through Freighter Piracy

For those who don’t mind to get their reputation tainted, going for the piracy method is one of the best ways of farming Salvaged Frigate Modules, and is also one of the fastest ways to earn units and valuable resources. This method can be done with or without the quicksave method to speed things up.

For this method, you’ll need the following:

  • Your starship, of course, one with lots of free inventory slots, good shields, and good firepower is recommended
  • Your freighter (for the quicksave exploit)
  • A Pirate-controlled system (still works in a regular system)

Your objective for this method is to look for freighters that spawn in space to loot their Cargo Pods by blowing these pods up. You would want to do this in a Pirate-controlled system for two things: 1.) Sentinel ships will not spawn to defend the freighters you attack, and 2.) Freighters in these systems often carry contraband that sell for high amounts in regular systems.


While out in space, look for Freighters that spawn in as they exit from hyperdrive. You will know that it is a good freighter to target based on the amount of Cargo Pods that they hold. You can do a quick fly-by first and familiarize yourself with which parts are the pods; hovering your reticle over them should let you know and should also show you their contents. Different freighters have different looking pods, but they’re mostly either spherical or cylindrical in shape.

Once you find your target, you can then shoot at these Cargo Pods to blow them up and get their loot inside. If you are doing this in a regular system, a Sentinel ship will spawn to attack you, otherwise you will only have to deal with the freighter’s laser defense. Be careful when shooting as you only want to hit the pods themselves; do not shoot at the other cargo ships even though they show that they’re holding loot. Hitting these smaller cargo ships will cause your reputation towards that faction to go down.

Once you’ve destroyed all of the ship’s pods, you can then fly back to your freighter to do the exploit, or fly away to a safe distance and engage your pulse drive. Some people find that pulsing some distance and getting out of it to spawn new freighters is faster. But if you want to learn the exploit, continue reading along.

To do the exploit, simply land inside your freighter and exit your ship. This will create a quicksave which you can reload back into right away. You’ll keep whatever loot you got, but it will reload everything else, which means that the freighters that you’ve just stolen from should have all their pods repaired and filled with loot once more.

You can do this cycle indefinitely to your heart’s content, only taking breaks to sell the loot you got to clear out your inventory. Although the pods still have a very low chance of dropping these Salvaged Frigate Modules, the repeatability of this method makes up for it.

Farming Salvaged Frigate Modules through Derelict Freighters

If venturing inside abandoned, yet infested freighters is more of your thing, then looting Derelict Freighters is also a good method for farming Salvaged Frigate Modules. Derelict Freighters have lots of storage caches that you can loot which have chances of giving you Frigate Modules.

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Although the drop rate for the modules isn’t any much better than blowing up Cargo Pods, the sheer number of them within a more compact space balances things out. Plus, this is the only place where you can get Tainted Metal which can either be processed for Nanites, or can be used to exchange rare items from the Scrap Dealers in space stations.

The downsides to this method are that you need to be well-equipped to handle the hostile mobs inside the ship, and that finding a Derelict Freighter can either be super rare, or super expensive. The mobs can be cheesed through accessways, but it can make the entire process too time consuming. And though it is possible to encounter a Derelict Freighter while pulsing, the encounter rate is low, and the cost of an Emergency Broadcast Receiver can be too expensive just to find these freighters.

Crashed Freighters

Crashed Freighters are also a good source of Salvaged Frigate Modules. They can be found on planets just through a random encounter, or they can also be found using Planetary Charts (Distress Signal). Within these Crashed Freighters are a number of Freighter Storage Units that are either within the sections of the freighter above ground or buried underground.

Opening these storage units will require some few resources to fix their lock panels, such as Cobalt, Ferrite Dust, or Sodium. Once opened, these can then give out different kinds of components, including Salvaged Frigate Modules. Be careful when opening these storage units as they can also emit radioactive materials that can quickly eat away through your shields, so be ready to run to a safe distance.

Planetary Charts only cost 1 Navigation Data, which you can also farm in advance, however using these charts on a planet will not always point to a crashed frigate right away; it may point to a distress signal coming from a crashed starship or some other abandoned building. One way on how to make this method a bit more effortless is to use the Planetary Charts one after the other before actually flying towards the markers as you can narrow down which ones you would want to go for to find a crashed freighter.

Mission Boards and Nexus Missions

Salvaged Frigate Modules can also be obtained via rewards from completing missions from Mission Boards in space stations, or through Nexus Missions inside the Anomaly. The advantage of doing missions from Mission Boards is that they can be stacked so doing the same tasks count towards multiple missions, while the advantage of doing Nexus missions is that you can do it with other players who join the missions.

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The downsides to these methods is that you will either have to do some system hopping to see if the Mission Boards will give out missions that specifically reward the modules, or you will have to do some waiting before the Nexus missions reload its mission list to show ones that reward the modules. Based from experience, doing Nexus Missions are more worthwhile since looking for the right missions takes less effort.

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Check out this video by Jason Plays showing how to do the piracy method of farming Frigate Modules:

(Video) Farming Salvaged Frigate Modules | No Mans Sky Gameplay 2022


How do you get salvaged frigate modules fast? ›

Outlaw Missions: NMS Salvaged Frigate Modules

You can only accept them one at a time. However, you pick them up from outlaw stations in outlaw systems. To find such systems, you can just explore at random.

How do you get salvaged frigate modules in no man's sky? ›

Salvaged Frigate Module is a Constructed Technology.
  1. Looting Storage Units aboard Crashed Freighters (7.5%)
  2. Awarded by completing certain missions in The Nexus (4%)
  3. Certain Mission Board jobs (2%-4%, depending on required standing)
  4. Pirate mission board missions (2%)
  5. Found in crates aboard Derelict Freighters (2.5%)

What do I do with extra salvaged frigate modules? ›

Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky

Now players can use Salvaged Frigate Modules to purchase new aesthetic freighter hallways, windows, doors, exterior catwalks, and platforms for players to view their freighter while in space.

Where do you get freighter upgrades? ›

Upgrading Freighters
  • Freighter inventory can be increased using Cargo Bulkheads, which can be received or found from different sources such as selecting a reward from saving freighters from a pirate attack or as a reward from a Derelict Freighter. ...
  • Freighter class cannot be upgraded.

How often do frigate missions reset? ›

Your navigator presents five new expeditions per day (0:00 UTC reset) on the freighter bridge for up to 5 frigates each.

Are frigate upgrades worth it? ›

It's really just to help you get the 2*'s above mission rating to avoid taking damage, they don't do anything for the mission rewards themselves that i've observed. Half of them you can craft/buy from a trade terminal on your freighter, so it's not like its a time investment to get them.

How do I duplicate Salvaged Data in NMS? ›

One method of duplicating Salvaged Data is to put the data into the personal refiner while in the Anomaly. Once the items are transferred, Players should revert to the autosave that occurs after docking on the Anomaly. After reverting, both the player's inventory and the personal refiner will possess Salvaged Data.

How do I get an S class freighter? ›

Warp into a nearby system five times in a row. On the fifth warp, a scripted event will take place. Players will enter a space battle between a group of pirates and some Freighters. Clear out the hostile pirates, and the main Freighter's captain will extend a boarding invitation.

How many frigates should I have NMS? ›

As with traditional frigates, in order to recruit an organic frigate, the player must have less than 30 frigates of any type in their armada.

Can I sell my frigates NMS? ›

There technically is no way to sell ships in No Man's Sky. At least not directly. You need to instead convert them into trade materials which you can then sell at any Galactic Trade Terminal. You can do it at just about any normal space station, too.

How many nanites can you get from derelict freighter? ›

The final third terminal, Engineering Control will give you a choice of: nanites (500-600), Cargo Bulkhead (an item that allows you to add a slot to your freighter general or tech inventory) or Salvaged Fleet Unit (a random installable upgrade module for your freighter that boosts stats on frigate missions or Freighter ...

What is the biggest freighter in NMS? ›

The Oculus-class is the biggest known regular freighter and likely a tribute to the ship Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Oculus' bow has an extra engine unit and huge space for internals in its sphere. In theory it could function like a detachable module for an independent spaceship.

How much does an S class freighter cost? ›

Regular Freighters have 15-19 slots and a price range of 5M to 23M from C to S class. Capital Freighters have 24-34 slots and a price range of 26.15M to 178M from C to S class.

What is the max fleet size in NMS? ›

You can have a maximum of 30 frigates. The thunderous booms you hear in space are freighters warping into the star system.

How many crew does a frigate need? ›

The Frigate carries up to 32 Cannons into battle, and can hold a Crew of up to 200 men. With fewer than 16 men available, the Frigate becomes sluggish and difficult to use. With at least 112 men and 32 cannons on board, the Frigate is at its maximum fighting efficiency.

Do faction missions reset? ›

Faction missions and mission progress will reset to make room for an updated mission set that incorporates all Exclusion Zones.

What is the most powerful frigate? ›

The Admiral Gorshkov is a class of multi-role frigates that have a strong land attack capability. It is a successor to the Burevestnik class (Western reporting name Krivak class). Currently these new warships is one of the most capable frigates in the world.

Is a frigate better than a brig? ›

Again, the Brig Of War is almost equal, stat-by-stat, to a Frigate. However, while it is slightly less durable than a Frigate, its increased maneuverability and speed make it more suitable to take on small-sized ships (while giving up some of the Frigate's ability for prolonged, heavy combat).

Are Type 23 frigates good? ›

Originally designed for anti-submarine warfare in the North Atlantic, the Royal Navy's Type 23 frigates have proven their versatility in warfighting, peace-keeping and maritime security operations around the globe.

Is duping in NMS Bannable? ›

as the title says - is duping items bannable in NMS? no... there's no score keeping and no competition... why anyone would yuck someone else's yum is beyond me... play your game your way and leave others to play it their way...

How do I get unlimited Salvaged Data? ›

The best way to farm Salvaged Data is to land on a planet and look for Buried Technology Modules. You can use your scanner on any planet to find these. We recommend taking an exocraft with you like the Roamer. Tag a Buried Technology Module and head over to dig it up.

How many Nanites does Salvaged Data give? ›

A Salvage Data can be refined into 15 Nanite Clusters each as well as used to unlock certain technology, making this an extremely fast and safe way to progress through the early game while gathering a reasonable amount of nanites.

Can you destroy Sentinel freighter? ›

Like all freighter units, they can't be completely destroyed; you can only destroy all their weapons to make them harmless. It will not return your wanted level to zero however, and eventually, another will come.

Can you have 2 freighters in no man's sky? ›

You can only own one freighter.

What are the odds of getting an S class freighter in no man's sky? ›

Freighters and ships use the same values for S-Class chance, @GAladhfinn (in all systems). So it's 5% for both. This has been confirmed by modders; changing the chance for ships to 100% also leads to freighters always being S-Class.

Can you buy salvage data? ›

Buy Salvaged Technology Data From Merchants

Of course, you can also buy what you're looking for. However, it's very, very rare that shops and traders sell tech data modules.

What is the best thing to farm in no man's sky? ›

Farming chlorine is one of the easiest ways to make money during the early part of a No Man's Sky playthrough. The materials required for this method are easy to acquire and plentiful throughout space. You'll need chlorine, oxygen, and refiners.

How do you find crashed freighters in no man's sky? ›

Crashed Freighters will only appear on planetary surfaces. They are most easily found by using a Signal Scanner. They can also be found by talking to aliens in space stations or by using your Analysis Visor if they're nearby.

How do you get a free frigate? ›

You'll need to destroy the attacking fighters, and will then receive a transmission from the captain of the Freighter. He'll invite you aboard. Do so and you can get his Freighter for free.

How do you get the salvaged frigate module on NMS Reddit? ›

Ways to get them:
  1. Check missions in space stations and at the Anomaly, Sometimes they're offered as a reward.
  2. Check freighter pods (the ones attached to freighters). While they're quite rare now, they can still spawn as loot.
  3. Check crashed freighters. ...
  4. Run derelict freighters. ...
  5. Send your frigates on missions.
Apr 26, 2022

Can you land on destroy Freighters in no man's sky? ›

Actually, you can., There are several cargo pods around the destroyed freighter you can destroy.

Can you destroy pirate Freighters in no man's sky? ›

Once all the turrets are wiped out and the starships are destroyed, consider the job done, since you cannot entirely destroy the freighter. At this point you can fight the starships endlessly until you decide to fly away.

Can your freighter be destroyed NMS? ›

You can't destroy your freighter, also your can't destroy or sell your ships. There are videos on exactly what you need to do to unlock a capital freighter before using that free freighter.

Can you get an S Class freighter for free? ›

Players will have to put in a lot of work to find an S-Class Freighter, but it can be done for absolutely free. It just requires an Economy Scanner and a lot of space travel to get one.

What happens if I decline the free freighter? ›

If the freighter is not accepted, this option is carried on to the next rescue until the player finally accepts - from that point onward, any new freighter must be bought normally.

What is the rarest ship in NMS? ›

the rarest ship in the game is an S grade Explorer, there arn't any. If that's the case, then the rarest ship is a banana split with a cherry on top because there are none in the game. If a ship is not in the game, it's not rare.

How do you get the leviathan frigate in NMS? ›

It is classified in game as an Organic-Type Frigate. Similar to SSV Normandy SR1, it cannot be landed upon. After Leviathan is received in the Expedition save, it can be acquired from Quicksilver Synthesis Companion in any other save.

How do you get the Salvaged Data module? ›

You can find Salvaged Data by uncovering the Buried Technology, which is hidden underground on the planets you visit. To find some Buried Technology, turn on your Analysis Visor and scan your surroundings. The icon you're looking for is a downwards pointing arrow, with a wi-fi like symbol on it.


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